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      19,012 millas
      • MPG Avg: 42 / City: 43 / Hwy: 42
      • Motor 4 Cil.
      • Tren motriz FWD
      • Exterior / Color interior Gris / Negro
      • Transmisión Automática
      • Combustible Híbrido
      • VIN 1G1RC6S53HU138137
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      2017 Chevrolet Volt LT only 19k MILES! The Volt provides over 50 miles of electric-only driving range then a gas engine kicks in when the batteries run low. For a total of 420 miles! Equipped with Backup Camera Bluetooth Air Conditioning On Star Auxiliary Audio Input with USB Interface Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls Cruise Control Keyless Entry Push Button Starting Remote Start Power Windows/Locks/Mirrors Apple Car Play Android Auto Aluminum Alloy Wheels and MORE!Call or come out today to inquire about our easy financing options and many available extended warranties. We finance! Zero down w.a.c. Be sure to check out our reviews! We are PROUD to be a USAA Certified RBFCU Certified True Car Certified and Car Gurus TOP RATED dealership. Most helpful consumer reviewsGreat combination of EV and road tripperLowell Grant08/12/2016LT 4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)Now have over 20000 miles on my 2017 LT Volt. Trouble free still looks/run like new no squeaks or rattles despite nearly 1 mile of gravel road to reach pavement from my house. Does best in town setting the cruise at 65 will drain the battery quicker. Solid fun car to drive with great throttle response quiet comfortable a pure EV most days but when I take a long trip I don't givebattery range a second thought I just go. My 5 kWh solar system produces all the power I need to cover the costs for my home and to charge the car. If this car was wrecked or stolen I would replace it with another Volt without a second thought.Great Car - Worth Waiting For!Mike K03/23/2016LT 4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)My wife's 2008 Prius was getting rather old so we went shopping in late 2015 for all kinds of cars. We wanted something that was environmentally friendly and reasonably priced (for a hybrid or electric). My wife drives about 2 times a week over 100 miles a day so that ruled out a pure electric vehicle due to the lack of range. I saw the new Prius at the Detroit auto show and wasput off by the weird spacey design. From expert reviews it seemed that Toyota was aiming more for high MPG numbers than striking a balance between performance handling and comfort. I was intrigued by the upcoming Chevy Malibu Hybrid. The non-hybrid version that came out recently got very good reviews in the automotive press. After seeing them at the Chevy dealer my wife thought it was a little too big for her. The kids are grown and out of the house and the back seat would be empty 95% of the time so the Volt is fine for us. I read many of the glowing technical editor reviews of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. Even magazines like Car and Driver who seem to only lust after exotic performance cars seemed to really like the new Volt. The more I read the more we wanted to test drive one. Then we realized that only certain states were going to get the limited 2016 Volt deliveries. Living in Delaware our state was not on the list so we waited some more for the 2017's which were going to be produced starting in Feb 2016 for all 50 states. While waiting I also did a little more research on the $7500 Federal Credit but I also found that there was a (very) limited $2200 rebate offered from Delaware for certain qualified electric vehicles (it's almost gone so hurry!). Delaware also offers up to a $500 rebate for the car charger or EVSE in the electric lingo. So the almost $10K in help from Federal and state made the final cost to us VERY reasonable. (Price shown below is full cost without help) So when the first batch of Volts hit Delaware we test drove one. We were hooked. We've had it for about 3 weeks and we are extremely happy and delighted with the car. For most trips around town we use 100% electric. There is very good power at city speeds due to the torque of the 2 electric motors. We live in a college town with hundreds of zombie kids staring at cell phones while crossing the street. I was concerned that one would blindly walk into us while we were in silent electric mode but GM installed a white noise speaker that makes some fake mechanical robot noise below 25mph that hopefully lets pedestrians (and my cats) know we are in gear. We did take a long trip to DC with about 3 hours of driving on the engine. The engine starts unobtrusively and is not very loud. I can feel slight vibration that lets me know it's on but I was looking for it. Most people probably wouldn't know when it switches over to the engine. We now have 1100 miles on the car with some long trips (engine on) and we are averaging overall now about 90 mpg combined. Of course running with the engine on all the time (you can force it on to hold battery charge or to get quick cabin heat) it's not as efficient as a Prius as we've seen about 43 mpg from the engine only. But the combined of about 90 mpg without worrying about range is awesome. Driving dynamics are much better than our old Prius. The car feels and sounds very solid. It handles rough pavement without much noise and with good control. With all the battery and engine weight it's not a light car but it never feels heavy. The electric steering is very good with nice feel. When braking slightly the motors act as generators feeding juice back to the battery and if you press harder the friction brakes come on. It feels a little non-linear but it’s fine. The 110V charger (EVSE) that the car comes with is very slow to charge as it defaults to a safer 8 amp charge so as to not cause electric problems in your house that may have poor wiring. This takes forever to charge (~19 hours for full charge?) You can set the 110V EVSE to supply 12 amps but you have to keep re-setting it in the car's dash screen which is very annoying and it's still very slow to charge. (~13 hours for full charge?). So with the $500 credit Delaware offers I bought a Clipper Creek 24 Amp Level 2 or 240V EVSE with a dryer plug on the end. I had a 240V line run to the garage with the added benefit of being able to run my 240V welder from the dryer plug when not charging the car by simply unplugging the EVSE. Anyway all that was definitely worth it. The Volt now charges within 4.5 hours max from empty. Buy it. The car is highly recommended. Update sept 2016. We've had the car for 8 months now. We love it even more than before. No mechanical issues with the car and it still drives great and quiet. Our combined MPG is over 105 mpg now as most of our trips are pure electric. We noticed that when it's warm outside the range is more like 55 miles before the engine starts.2017 Volt LT The ultimate commuter carAlex from California09/15/2016LT 4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)I did a lot of research and test driving before I picked the Volt. I wanted to spend the least amount of money I could on commuting everyday but do not want to sacrifice the refinement comfort utility and fun of a new sporty sedan. This car fit the bill almost perfectly for me. First the money: The price of the car comes out to about the same as a Prius when you factor in all theincentives (dealer and government). In my opinion after driving them both I would pay $5000 more than for a Prius still feel I got a good value. If you usually would go under 100 miles or so between charges your energy costs are going to be lower than any other hybrid currently in the market with the Volt. Since my total commute between charges is about 50 miles I only use electricity the cheapest energy available to me. In my area the power company also gave me a check for $300 (free commuting for a year!) and a lower power rate overnight when charging my Volt. Refinement and Comfort: The Volt does better in this area than the compact/sub compact hybrids like the Prius and C-Max Hybrids (that to me are just a chore to drive) but not quite as good as the larger Fusion and Sonata Hybrids. Ultimately this will depend on taste and what you expect from your car but for m About us: We are a small family owned used car dealership in Universal City Texas just on the border of San Antonio. We've been doing business in the San Antonio area for over 30 years. You can check out our website to see what caliber of vehicles we normally stock. Thank you so much for looking and we look forward to doing business with you!

      Información del vendedor

      Northeast Motor

      2402 Pat Booker Road, Universal City, TX, 78148

      Características de este vehículo

      • Telematics System
      • Trip Computer
      • USB Adapter

      • Cargo Area Tie Downs
      • Rear-View Camera

      • Alloy Wheels

      • Front Airbags (Driver)
      • Front Side Airbags (Driver)
      • Side Curtain Airbags

      • Volante ajustable
      • Aire Acondicionado
      • Android Auto
      • Apple Carplay
      • Enchufe de Entrada para Auriculares
      • Seguros a Prueba de Niños
      • Control de velocidad electrónico
      • Luces de manejo de día
      • Control de Temperatura Electrónico de Doble Zona
      • Front Airbags (Passenger)
      • Manos libres con integración Bluetooth
      • Limpiaparabrisas intermitentes
      • Sistema de Entrada Sin Llaves
      • Volante Forrado en Cuero
      • Sistema de comunicación OnStar
      • Seguros Eléctricos
      • Espejos Eléctricos
      • Ventanas eléctricas
      • Encendido a Control Remoto
      • Stability Control
      • Controles en volante
      • Sistema de Control de Presión de Neumáticos
      • Traction Control
      • Sistema de Control Activado por Voz

      Eco Friendly

      This 2017 Chevrolet Volt is a great choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. This 4 Cil. Sedán is very fuel efficient -- it gets an average of 42 MPG on the highway and 43 MPG in the city. Its great fuel economy also makes the Chevrolet Volt a low emissions vehicle.

      Great for Commuting

      This 2017 Chevrolet Volt will get you where you need to go comfortably and affordably. At $17,850 this Sedán is a great value and since it gets an average of 42 MPG on the highway and 43 MPG in the city it will also be easy on your wallet at the pump.