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      Precio inicial
      54,420 millas
      • MPG Avg: 18 / City: 16 / Hwy: 21
      • Motor 6 Cil.
      • Tren motriz 4WD
      • Exterior / Color interior Gris / Negro
      • Transmisión Automática
      • Combustible Gasolina
      • VIN SALRT2RV1JA067042
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      2018 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury Limited Edition On occasion my wife and I make a decision to sell one of our own personal vehicles and when we do we offer them to our many trusted clients, their family or business associates that may be a fit for our offerings.This incredible 2018 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury Limited Edition unit with ONLY 54,420 miles, a perfectly clean and clear CARFAX is soon headed to a new home. Driven barely 10,000 miles per year this one has many miles left for the next owners. And if the new owners love this incredible machine as we did, well mostly my wife, you WILL NOT be disappointed. Smooth. Tough. Set apart. One of a kind. Rare. Wow. Striking are just a few of the adjectives that slide off the end of your tongue when describing this amazing SUV. The vehicle has loads of service records, the original window sticker, factory touch up paint, owners manuals and numerous other related items that belong with the Discovery. The vehicle is in excellent condition, has always been garage kept (her garage is carpeted with heat and A/C), it has never been abused or used off road, it has been my wife's daily driver for a number of years and has had impressive care. There is nothing to mention regarding the vehicle. There are no dings, no dents, no damage of any kind. The seats and interior are absolutely stunning in person and are in excellent to like new condition. There are no worn buttons, no scratched up dash panels, consoles or covers and every button works as it should. We are not smokers and are EXTREMELY particular about or vehicles. We are both extremely OCD and what many call clean freaks. We just believe it's our responsibility to give the utmost care to the things God has blessed us with. Here's what set's this LIMITED EDITION apart from other 2018 Land Rover Discoveries: It is equipped with a Johnson Rod Lift Kit that are made from stainless steel and are stronger than the original factory equipment which is made from plastic. However, because of their design, they provide key lateral flexibility like the original part to protect your height sensor equipment. Johnson Rods are not adjustable and are therefore very reliable like the original equipment part. The key to a good modified height sensor rod is for it to be accurate in length and to fit tight like the original. Johnson Rods are designed for accuracy and dependability. Trail tested and tough, Johnson Rods will increase your off road opportunities and limit the potential for damage with added clearance and the ability to install larger tires. Don't get fooled and be taken advantage of by cheap lift rod copies made of plastic or thin twisted metal. Many customers come to me after making this mistake, These cheaper made products will bend and break easily. They have very thin rubber grommets and don't hold tight causing problems with the system. Johnson Rods are solid and made with thick stainless steel that will not bend, rust or be affected by harsh weather. The Johnson Rod grommets are much wider like the original part which insures you have a good fit. This is why Land Rover dealers order and use Johnson Rods. Sold worldwide, we are the leader in Land Rover lift kits since 2010 with thousands of happy customers. Buy quality parts for your Land Rover, get Johnson Rods. 2x35mm Land Rover high quality machined aluminum wheel spacers Two tone Coal Black/Fire Red supple leather front and rear seat panels along with accented door panels. Powder coated blacked out 20 factory Land Rover Discovery wheels Powder coated fire red accented brake calipers Locking Land Rover Discovery roof rack Just some thoughts: Though some of the comments in the following paragraphs are more related to our Harley sales, many of them will give you a glimpse into our lives and who we are... You know, as Americans we’ve never lived in fear and we’re not about to start now. No high gas prices, no incompetent politician and no political party dead set on destroying the foundations of our nation will ever keep me from ridin my Harley because FREEDOM has always been worth fighting for and FEAR SUCKS! Freedom and wind will outlast hard times and I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna ride no matter what! Now don’t you think it’s time for YOU to experience what our forefathers must have imagined FREEDOM could look like! There’s nothing like throwing your leg over the heart pounding V Twin engine that has been the heart and soul of a Harley Davidson for over 120 years. Most people would say it’s wind blowing in your face when you’re cruisin the streets and motoring down the highway, but Harley riders realize it’s not just wind, it’s FREEDOM! And that’s something every man dreams of and every woman secretly desires. So follow your dreams and allow Harleys Direct turn your dream into reality today. About My Prices: I do my best to offer the highest quality, lowest mileage bikes than anyone else on the planet and do it at a fair price. My prices are ALWAYS lower than franchised dealers and our bikes have much lower miles and they are always in better condition. Others may be offering bikes for less, but not for a comparable machine. Always remember, if the deal looks and sounds unbelievable, you better take a closer look. My bikes generally have significantly lower miles than average bikes for similar comparisons so mine could be more expensive than a same year bike often, with 30, 40, 50 or even 60,000 miles on them in some cases. If you think my price is unfair for the condition and mileage, send me your thoughts. All I ask is that you be open with your reasoning, be fair and sensible and I'll do my best to work with you and make every effort to bring your lifelong dream into reality. FACEBOOK ALERT If you are viewing this listing on Facebook we are limited to the number of pictures we can post. We also recommend that contact be made directly rather than through Facebook. I am not on Facebook constantly monitoring questions through that format. To view all 100 plus pictures please go directly to our website, . On a personal note: You can learn more about me by visiting my facebook profile. Copy and paste the following link to learn more… But here’s a quick look into who we are…My wife and I are people of great faith. We have been married for 43 years, have three children, two are married with a total of six grandchildren. One son is deceased. Our lives are blessed beyond our imagination. Like anyone, our hearts have ached at times and we have struggles just like you do. We’re not perfect by any means…no life is. We have simply put our trust in Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God and we believe that through that relationship we can face and overcome any obstacle in our pathway. We have prayed over every bike in our inventory and are not ashamed to let the world know all about the peace God offers. We are not going to preach religion to or at you, because we believe religion is a “trap” when it’s really about a one on one relationship with the one and only Son of God. Religion isn’t not our style, but we are all about listening to and hearing the quiet voice of the “God of miracles”. We want you to know that what we do goes far beyond buying and selling motorcycles. It’s about the people we encounter and are brought into contact with and the lasting friendships we are making. We have had the honor of praying with countless customers and are always willing to speak words of encouragement to anyone who’s path we may cross. In addition to the above, I’ve been a Harley enthusiast for over 40 years and enjoy them so much that I buy and sell them as full time hobby. I handle the cleanest, low mileage Harley’s on the planet and when I can get my hands on them, am able to offer them at better than average prices for identical motorcycles found at franchise dealerships. I can do this because I have limited overhead since my wife and I are the team. My bikes are not purchased at Powersports Auctions, they are not repos or the bikes other dealers rejected. I purchase the majority of my bikes right out of the garages of the original owners and occasionally from auto dealerships where they are traded. I search high and low for the cleanest, low mileage Harley’s on the planet and travel upwards of 250 miles in any one direction leaving home some days at 6am and returning many nights at 11pm to find my Harleys. I am positive that there isn’t anyone on the internet that works any harder than I do to bring top quality machines to their clients. I only offer above average inventory to the select few who are fortunate enough to run across a offering. Every bike is carefully gone over by a certified Harley technician with adjustments to all necessary components, a fresh oil change and a thorough test ride. I guarantee all my Harleys to be of the finest quality and the cleanest found anywhere on the planet with no stories or long explanations. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase I will happily release you with no questions and a full refund of your deposit. I have sold bikes to more than 47 states, Costa Rica, Australia, Germany, France, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Arab Emeritus Dubai, Canada, Laos, Thailand and many of my local communities and I do not have any unhappy client anywhere. I'm a very particular person and do this because I love it. I will tell you what I know and can see. People say I'm a little OCD, I just think I'm particularly fussy. My personal bikes get no more attention when I clean, detail and service them. I like to keep it simple, no pressure, no sales pitches, no screaming or yelling about this month’s special just straight forward biker honesty. You WILL love dealing with “ ”! So check out our full inventory of bikes due in and also bikes available now . *ALERT* All of my machines are for sale outside of eBay and I would estimate that 90% of my Harleys sell BEFORE the auction comes to a close so don’t delay. Most of my buyers contact me, discuss the particulars and make their decision to buy directly. This causes many to miss out on some quality machines at extremely fair prices. My fees to eBay are paid when the bikes are listed so selling off eBay makes no difference and is permitted. So please know that I am happy to answer any questions you may have and understand that buying on line may be new to you. Give me a call and we’ll see if we can’t put you at ease. Call or text Tim 8am - 9pm EST or email me anytime. I will respond as soon as possible. I do not use the eBay app so if you reach out through that source I will not respond. *FEES* We have a one-time fee of $200.00 for title and paperwork processing. This includes all necessary documents to register the bike in your home state. All appropriate documents are notarized and prepared for you to walk right into your local DMV location and register you bike on the spot or you can haul your bike home and register it a your local notary or AAA for free if you are a member. ALL titles are clear, clean and without liens. You will also receive copies of my dealer information, licenses and other pertinent documents. Out of state buyers have the option to purchase a temporary transit tag if you pick your bike up “in person” at our local notary for roughly $70.00 if you are interested in riding your bike home or you can haul it home on a trailer. You will need a valid motorcycle insurance identification card and a valid driver’s license to do so. SCAM WARNING A few years ago I had two customers scammed by criminals who mostly function outside the USA and who contact them representing my listed or recently ended auctions. They will make you an offer that should seem “too good to be true” but two have fallen for it. They will also tell you that they want to do the deal through eBay or Pay Pal to receive their protection service, but it is a farce. IF you receive ANY communication from ANYONE but my email address or my cell number I would suggest you do not get caught up in the smoke and mirrors. One of the two customers lost $9,000.00 and the other $6,000.00 so don’t get suckered in. CALL ME on my cell number listed BEFORE you wire or PayPal ANYONE funds for one of my bikes. I speak and type the English language very clearly!

      Información del vendedor

      Harley's Direct

      929 Lititz Pike, Lititz, PA, 17543

      Características de este vehículo

      • AM/FM
      • CD (Single Disc)

      • Driver Adjustable Lumbar
      • Memory Mirrors
      • Power Seat (Dual)
      • Rain-Sensing Wipers
      • Rear Window Defroster
      • Roof Rack
      • Turn Signal Mirrors
      • Wood Trimmed Interior

      • Alloy Wheels

      • Front Airbags (Driver)

      • Frenos de Disco 4-ruedas
      • Aire Acondicionado
      • Frenos Antibloqueo
      • Sistema Antirrobo
      • Seguros a Prueba de Niños
      • Console
      • Control de velocidad electrónico
      • Luces de manejo de día
      • Control de Temperatura Electrónico de Doble Zona
      • Faros de Niebla
      • Front Airbags (Passenger)
      • Manos libres con integración Bluetooth
      • Espejos Térmicos
      • Asientos Térmicos
      • Abridor de puerta de cochera integrado
      • Sistema de Entrada Sin Llaves
      • Volante Forrado en Cuero
      • Porta carga
      • Sistema de Navegación
      • Puertas Eléctricas
      • Seguros Eléctricos
      • Espejos Eléctricos
      • Dirección hidráulica
      • Ventanas eléctricas
      • Sistema de sonido de primera calidad
      • Rear Air Conditioning
      • Rear Audio Controls
      • Rear Head Airbags
      • Rear Parking Sensors
      • Rear Spoiler
      • Estribos
      • Radio Satelital
      • Asientos con memoria
      • Side Airbag
      • Side Airbags
      • Controles en volante
      • Quemacocos/Quemacocos de vidrio
      • Sistema de Control de Presión de Neumáticos
      • Paquete de Remolque
      • Traction Control
      • Wheel Locks